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Note10 deal in Aliexpress


I sent enquiry online to the merchant 2 days ago, no reply.


By the term 'global', is the above Note10 useable in any

country, in particular Singapore?  Or 'global' means 

it's  'unlocked'?


I plan to use it to view HD videos, read emails (Outlook),

reading Pdf/Word docs.

Is it worth it to pay an extra US$6-7 to get its RAM

increased from 8GB to 12GB (for better performance)?


Original Samsung Galaxy S5 4G LTE Mobile Phone 5.1" Unlocked G900F G900P G900V G900A 2GB+16GB 16MP Camera 3G WCDMA CellPhone|Cellphones| - AliExpress 

is above Galaxy S5 4G LTE at about US$5 higher

a better buy?   Is 5G is faster than 4G LTE & could

5G support 4G network (ie downward compatible)?

Is Note10's battery as poor as Note9's ?   I have a 

Note9 & its battery life (despite battery optimizing

apps), is not great at all.

Also, I guess Note9 is the last model with the usual

3.5mm audio (earphone) port: guess Note10's audio

will share the Type-C charging port


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