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The idea here is to have the barcode for the point of sales scanned on one control in Ms Access Database

Simple Point Of Sales Logic

The idea here is that the scanner will be pointing to txtProductstsScan control, then once the scan is done then the BARCODE text must be transferred to Description control in the subform which is set to show in column (2) , if this is archived then the whole line will automatically completed.

For example capturing the text below by scanner will result into three lines created in the subform


Must result into three lines created

Dim rst As Object
Set rst = [Form_sfrmInvoicedetails Subform].RecordsetClone
With rst
.Fields("Description") = CStr(Me.txtProductstsScan)
End With
Me.txtProductstsScan = ""
Set rst = Nothing
[Form_sfrmInvoicedetails Subform].Requery
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec

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