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Access or Excel VBA loop through Outlook emails

What Access or Excel VBA code would I use to loop through my Outlook inbox and find a certain subject in new emails, then save attachments to a specific folder?
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Sub ReadOutlookFolder
     Dim olkApp As Outlook.Application, olkNS As Outlook.NameSpace, olkFolder As Outlook.MAPIFolder, olkMessage As Outlook.MailItem, strSubject As String, strBody As String
     COunt = 0
     Set objApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
     Set objNS = objApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")

     rem Inbox                                                                    incoming email address
     Set inbox = objApp.GetNamespace("Mapi").Folders("").Folders("InBox")
      For Each objMessage In inbox.Items
         If objMessage.UnRead = True Then
            strSubject = objMessage.Subject         'subject
            strBody = objMessage.Body                 'body of message
            strsender = objMessage.SenderEmailAddress   'sender
            GoSub  'Process Email Data
            COunt = COunt + 1          
         End If      
     Exit Sub
   end sub