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How can you preserve your website's popular Facebook account if it has been defined as a Grey account?


So!  Got a modestly well-liked Facebook page that is, for all intents and purposes, just a sort of a signpost to a website.  Sort of like - you've heard of the "Society for Prehistoric Adventure" website [not the real website at all] ?!!  Well, we have our OWN SFPA FB!

Has been running along swimmingly for years.

Just got a message from Facebook:

Gray accounts are going away soon
We're letting you know Facebook will no longer support gray accounts starting September 1, 2021. Since this is a gray account, you can take steps to download your data and create a new account to continue using Facebook.

Seems like the point is there's no person aligned with the account.  But, due to the controversial nature of Prehistory - we wanted it that way.  It's been just sort of the website's FB.

Well, lots of content there, and lots of likes.  So, what's the best way to move ahead.  How can I make this Grey site stick around and not lose all our well-ranked and well-liked content.

I saw some ideas online about adding roles; linking to IG (which we also have).

What can a business' FB page do to get out of the Grey zone?



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