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Sketching functionality in the WebGIS Network Viewer application is not working

Hi Expert,

we running application on our network call WebGIS and what we found out only Sketching functionality  are not working on DELL laptop 7400 (tested in IE,Edge,and Chrome) it does work if you Tap on the icons on the laptop Touch Screen but not when you click on the icons using mouse.

The same has been tested and is working in any other DELL and lenovo laptops (which do not have touch screen) 

OS is Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1909

we have raised this issue with Dell support and they Advised that this is out of their scope and should be investigated by our IT Team.

I have disabled HID-compliant touch screen  in device manager no luck.

I am not sure where do i start to trouble shoot the issue 

is it issue with this particularly DELL 7400 touch screen model or WebGIS support need to change something from their end or on our SOE image like driver or disabled something ....  User generated image

Thank you in advance and suggestions to solve this issue

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try disabling the touch screen in the bios
then uninstall WebGIS Network Viewer  - and reinstall it  -- Test it now ( you may need to reboot first
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Hi Nobus,
Thank you for your comment.

I have disaled TouchScreen from BOIS with no luck
WebGIS is a base webinetface we access it through our company home page.

Is any think you can think of?

Thanks again

and you reinstalled the software?
we click on a link (company home web page) and bring up the above website . we don't install software.

but let me check if there is software we can test it instead going to  browser and get back to you on Monday.

do you mean something to do with the web application webgis server, might need re-install software?
no - sorry i must have misread your Q  -best ask for some more support - ring the bell
did you ring the bell ?  if not just do it !
Yes I did...
Hi Rabihhaj,

Sorry in advance if I misread this, here are some suggestions based on what you've provided so far:
I am mainly familiar with SolidWorks, CAD, and SketchUp, plus GIMP and Inkscape, some Adobe products which have sketch/design functions.

  • I would advise ensuring you have all manufacturing updates from e.g. Dell applied.
  • I would also ensure all W10 updates are completed
  • Try under another fresh OS user profile on the impacted system
  • If this is web-based look into disabling hardware graphics acceleration under browser settings/advanced, most or all browsers have this setting
  • If all else fails, ensure you contact Dell back if this system is under warranty to eliminate it as a hardware defect
  • Test also perhaps another app similar to this one and compare sketch functionality 
  • The last resort would be reinstalling W10 and backing up data or reimaging the system
  • It also may be worth reaching out to the WebGIS app network support to gain their insight as well if you have not 
  • What you're experiencing sounds like a video card or graphics driver issue, may be due to hardware acceleration settings of W10 or the browser itself.
  • Additionally, I would ensure and check tablet mode is disabled or compare.
thank you for your suggestions we tried all without any luck
we decided to escalated to WebGIS app network supp to investigate.
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Rabih El Haj youssef
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