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Need a Hotspot to Ethernet bridge

I need to bridge a local wired network to a LTE/4g/5g hotspot to provide internet access to a small, very rural office. T-Mobile's hotspot have decent coverage at the site. 

I have connected the hotspot to a BrosTrend range extender. It works providing internet to the wired connections but somehow renders access to shared resources on the wired network very unstable. 

I am probably expecting too much from this setup and am wondering what the alternatives are. 

The office is small, 4 users, sharing a printer and a NAS. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Benjamin Van Ditmars
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We have alot of small project sites like this. we dont use the wireless from the lte router, but we place a cisco meraki accesspoint to have a normal stable network, with local resources to access.

dont try to use range extenders, just a normal ap you also use at the bigger sites.

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The only internet access this site has is through a T-Mobile hotspot. I not clear on how the Meraki AP makes internet access from the hotspot available to the wired client on the LAN.
Running your HotSpot into an 802.11s Mesh system will likely be the easy + cheap + high speed (across all LAN machines) way to do this.

Especially since with 802.11s you can just add additional extenders very easily for long hauls... across many buildings...

If you have distant buildings, like barns, best to connect directional antennas into your system.
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The current hotspot has no ports, so not sure how to run it into a Mesh system. The office is small and no need to reach out to other buildings.

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