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In C# check a string variable holding an email address to see if it ends in two types of emails

Hi experts,

I'm using ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC. So I'm using C# 9

In my HomeController.cs

I'm using the String.EndsWith Method to work with a string

String.EndsWith Method


I have a string variable holding an email address like this:
This works fine. This if statements checks to make sure the string ends in @yahoo.com

// declare a string variable called strTestEmailAddress

string strTestEmailAddress = "joesmith@yahoo.com";

if (!strTestEmailAddress.ToLower().EndsWith("@yahoo.com"))
    // if email address ends in @yahoo.com do stuff inside this if statement


Is there a way to use EndsWith to check for 2 types of emails?

Sometimes the variable strTestEmailAddress will hold a @yahoo.com email address and other times it will hold a @microsoft.com email address.

So I need to check if the string the variable strTestEmailAddress ends in @yahoo.com OR @microsoft.com

Anyone know the if statement syntax for that?

if ( )
    // if email address ends in @yahoo.com or @microsoft.com do stuff inside this if statement



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