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How to configure brocade 300 FC switch for establishing connection

I am trying to establish an FC connection between Fujitsu Primergy Server and Eternus DX60 Storage via Brocade 300 FC Switch.  Server OS is Windows Server 2016.

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Create aliases for target and initiator, put them in a zone, save and activate the config. Look at the current zoning to see if it is by port or by WWPN and use the same scheme. will help.

Finding the zoning tool in the web GUI can be hard, bottom of the left hand pane - looks like a part of the browser.
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i have done the zoning part as in the video.
I have 2 LUNs on the Storage but still cant see them on the Windows Server. If i connect the storage strait wiht the server  in can see the LUNs.
How do the FC Ports on the brocade switch need to be set up? I tried some settigns with the FC Port Configuration Wizard but no one works.

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the setup order is in theory :
do the cabling
configure zoning on brocade switch
create host on storage array
map LUN to host on storage array

How do the FC Ports on the brocade switch need to be set up? I tried some settigns with the FC Port Configuration Wizard but no one works.
You need your ports on switch side to be F-Ports
E-Port is for uplink between FC switches
other port types are more specific

Could you send some screenshot with your zoning config, and ports status on switch side plz?
it would really help.

what do you have for this?
1 FC switch only?
how much FC ports on storage array? how much are you really using?
how much HBA on host (FC card and FC ports)?

Menu Configure /Zoning in GUI
create an alias for each WWN (unique identifier as a MAC address for each FC port), for host and storage ports
create a zone with 1 host FC port (hba) and 1 port from each storage array processor (in general there is 2 Sroage processor on a middle range array)
and create another zone with the other FC ports from host and array
Or put everything in only 1 zone, but oftenly not a best practice, at least for the arrays I know
Finally create a zone config, put your zones inside it, and save/enable the zone config

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The problem was on the SAN side. I had to do a host rediscover and then add the new port to the Host Group.

Shouldn't be a new port if it saw the LUNs when directly connected previously. A switch does not modify the HBA's WWPN. Maybe you used a different HBA or the other port of a dual channel one in your server.