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I need an example syntax using Get-MessageTrackingLog in Exchange Server 2016

Using MS Exchange 2016 on-premise.  Problem:  The mail (from external senders only) is mysteriously being held for up to 14 hours and then it starts to flow again.

I'm looking for examples of using the Get-MessageTrackingLog command in Exchange Management Shell to report on all emails that are sent and delivered within a specific time frame.  I'm using help from Microsoft at:


The command syntax that I'm using without success is:

get-messagetrackinglog -resultsize unlimited -Start "08/31/2021 3:00 PM" -End "09/01/2021 2:00 AM" | format-list send*,Recipient* | set-content -path "C:\admin\out.txt"

Here is the first line of the output of the above:


Not very useful.

What am I missing?

Thanks much.


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