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Problem with folder redirection on Server 2016

Ok, I migrated from SBS 2011 to Server Essentials 2016, I had some issues with folder redirection on the migration, see this previous question, but believed everything was solved until I demoted the old server and took it off line.   

Right now, if I log into a workstation with my domain admin profile or one of the user profiles, everything works without a hitch, documents, desktop, and favs are redirected to new server.  

The problem is when I log into the server, I only have one profile, my domain admin, which is allowed to log onto new server, and it doesn't matter if I log in remotely or locally, I get a network error because the desktop is looking for the redirect path to the old server which is now offline.  This only happens on the server.  

I'm sure this is Group policy problem, but if you read the previous question, you know I'm not at all remotely proficient in GP, and could use some help locating the problem. 

I also have some sort of issue on the server, the network icon in the systray, see this SS 

the icon shows there is no internet access, but this is not true, I can browse the internet fine from the server.

I ran the GP report wizard and the folder redirection error points me to the even log where there are 3 event's related to Folder Redirection.  The first one is a 510 error: The folder redirection policy hasn't been applied. It's been delayed until the next sign-in because the group policy sign-in optimization is in effect.

The other 3 are 513 errors relating to video, music, and pictures: Failed to remove policy and redirect folder "Videos" to "C:\Users\jp\Videos".
 Removal options=0x20009231.
 The following error occurred: "Failed to build the list of regular subdirectories under "\\oldServer\RedirectedFolders\me\My Documents\My Videos".".
 Error details: "The network path was not found.

Occurring right before the 510 error there are 3 errors about CertificateServicesCleint 6, 13, and 82.  If those are relevant, I will get more info upon request. 

Not sure what other information might be useful, so just ask. 

Thank you in advance.

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