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MS Access VBA code generating a dynamic query with AND / Or parameters.

In VBA I am Generating a Dynamic Query based on criteria entered on a form.  When using the AND the query adds the 2nd field to the 2nd column and it works OK. 

Example: If [Combo508] <> " " Then
    where = where & "(([PeriodFrom1] >= """ & [Combo508] & """))"


If [Combo510] <> " " Then
     where = where & " and (([PeriodTo1] <= """ & [Combo557] & """))"
 End If

This works OKUser generated image

This does not work using 2nd statement as OR:

User generated image

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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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What doesn't work?
You don't get the data you expect?

You are asking for all records with a

Period from date >=20210120


with a period to date <=20210127

 and by the way, if this is a date time field, the correct delimiter is a #


 and it should be in the US date format of MM/DD/YY  or MM/DD/YYYY




Sorry, I should have used a department code as example.  I tried to simplify it.
This is what I need using VBA Code
User generated image
I am getting this when I use OR in my code;
User generated image
I know this is not logically correct but it shows what I need, with AND being an OR
User generated image

I can have up to 30 department codes depending on what the user enters.

<<I know this is not logically correct but it shows what I need, with AND being an OR >>

 Actually that will work.   Click on view/SQL view in query design and you will see the resulting statement that you need.

 but, you may want to use the IN() operator for the dept code:

If [Combo508] <> " " Then
    where = where & "(([PeriodFrom1] >= """ & [Combo508] & """))"
If [Combo510] <> " " Then
     where = where & " AND (([PeriodTo1] <= """ & [Combo557] & """))"
 End If

If [Comboxxx] <> " " Then
    where = where & " AND ([DEPCOD] IN("  & chr$(34) & Me.[Comboxxx] & chr$(34) & ")"

Me.[Comboxxx] being a comma separated list of of values.   Have a look at:

to see what I mean.  

Note also that it's somewhat of a convention to put the operators in caps so they are easier to spot and the Chr$(34) gives you a quote.   Also easier to read.

I'd also do the checks on the combo's like this:

 If NZ([Combo508],"")<>"" Then

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The response was excellent and helped solve my issue.