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*** Realtek HD Audio Manager*** Missing in my Search Results??

I would like someone to help me figure out why the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" not appearing in the search results whenever I look for it in the Windows search box? I only get general results from the web but it does not show that it is listed on my PC. I do see it in the Control Panel as well as under Programs and Features. But not in the results when I search for it in the windows search box. Also, as you can see from the screen captures that it shows up in the Device Manager in 2 locations as well. When I right-click on the Realtek under the Sound, and video heading to update the driver, I follow the wizard and I get a message saying that I have the latest driver. How do I know that is the case. The reason I am saying this is because I went to the Realtek website and I am not quite sure if I am looking at the right information to update the driver. Please advise me which driver do I need also explain why I am not able to see the Realtek HD Audio Manager show up in the search results on my PC when using the search box. Lastly, in Programs and Features, the Driver version is and the Driver was installed on 03/13/2021. in Device Manager, the Driver Version is the same however the Driver Date is 05/31/2016??

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