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Python3 hacking?

I logged into my server this morning to find all the apps with the white screen of death. So decided to reboot, but before that I checked out the  task manager and there was  row after row of phython. It  is installed on my C drive and I don't recall installing python3 for any reason.

Any ideas what might be going on? Can this be a hack?

* hacked* Ethical HackingPython

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no way to know.

python can be used in automating tasks.  wothout knowing what you have installed and setup, it is impossible to answer.

you could review what starts.
where are these python running from.

you could term them taskkill /fi "imagename eq python3.exe: /f

do you have SQL installed with data analytics components?

what does the system do?
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As @arnold mentioned, "no way to know"... without far more context...

Attaching your system logs + output of your process table will be a good starting point.

Python is used by many tasks, so likely what's occurred is something has... gone wrong... causing tasks to die before completion, then restart... in large numbers...
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I have deleted python from the system and installed an anti-malware app on the server to detect this stuff.

thanks for the advise!

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