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Lenovo E580 does not get to splash screen or bios

I have a Lenovo E580 that we replaced the hard drive in.  After replacing the drive, the laptop would not boot to the new hard drive.  I ultimately disconnected the laptop battery and CMOS battery and let it sit for about 10 minutes.  Upon reconnecting first the CMOS and then the laptop battery I am in a worse position than I initially was.

Now the laptop will not even get to the bios screen or the lenovo splash screen.  All I have is the Power button lights up, the FnLock / Esc key lights up, the CapsLock key lights up, and NumLock lights up.  These keys will stay illuminated for about 30-45 seconds and then all 4 will go dark.

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What was the problem description before the hard drive was replaced? Can you get this state back (i.e. put in defective hard drive)?
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Swapping the hard drive back in has not resolved the problem.
But what was the problem description BEFORE you ever opened up the laptop?
The intial problem was a broken display (the lid was closed on some object that cracked the display).  While we had it opened, I went ahead and replaced the hard drive.

The new display seemed to be working fine up until I disconnected/reconnected the batteries.  

Basically, as follows
Problem A) Bad display
Problem B) Replaced HD with SSD

After the CapsLock and NumLights go off, do they change state if you hit the CapsLock or NumLock buttons?
No, all 4 lights power on at the same time, and shut down at the same time.
i would try this :
-disconnect the battery and AC adapter
-hold power button for 10 sec
-reconnect and boot - anything changed?  ligths, sounds?
if still the same, take out the cmos battery and measure if it has 3 V at least - or replace it
What if you remove the drive and try starting it like that?
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It was a dislodged memory module.  I didnt touch the memory, but I suppose I must have shifted it somehow.