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Learn Powershell

Any recommendation for best resources to master powershell ?

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Hello there,

Before searching for paid courses, start with the free ones :)

There are some tips in my article:

Knowledge and Understanding plays important role in Mastering something.

Depends on your current skills on Powershell.
Start with a windows server VM either in VMware workstation/virtual box or any other if you have.
Get-Help <cmdlet> is the closest friend you have. Make you before you use Get-Help update the Powershell Help itself. use Update-Help, of course, you need to have internet access from the system you intend to use.
Next, Play around with a Domain Controller (not the production), since you will have few users, groups, contacts, etc created. Try to create scenarios like I need to enlist users from specific OU, I need to set the department for certain users.
Familiarize yourself with operators, conditions, loops, piping, if..then..else. Play with Date/Time, short/long date, format etc.
These kinds of stuff will make you comfortable in Powershell.

Start using ISE, an IDE where you can write a collection of commands and "call" it script. VSCode is also an option and many people are moving to VSCode from ISE.VSCode can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with IDE's
Export the results from your script in .csv, if you have some background on HTML, think about how you can get the report in HTML format. of course, there are many examples for general scenarios.
Think from the perspective of the "User/Admin" who might use your script. how easy you can make your script for Users to use without editing it.

If you have a Subscription on Amazon, look for kindle unlimited, or buy book/s, I used a couple of books authored by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks.

You will know on your own how to skill yourself and call an expert if you can. (Learning never stops)
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Bill Prew

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