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Export excel to word multiple times on single row if needed

Have a excel sheet that has many rows of data in it ( about 500 ).  Need a way to export each row to a word document.  I know this can be done per row with VB but the issue I am running into is that I have my data on the fourth tab on the excel Sheet and I need to export each row sometime once and other time more then this.  The reason is that it is for a drawing based item and if joe purchased 10 tickets I need to be able to export that row 10 times to a printable ticket to be able to pick from at the end of the drawing.  bit maybe Mary only bought 1 ticket and I need to print that row to word only once.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,

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Rob Henson
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I would normally suggest Mail Merge for tasks like this but don't know how you would do the multiple page option.
A representative sample workbook might be helpful.

My gut feeling is that you need some intermediate form of the data, before you export to Word.
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With Byundt's VBA creating the repeated rows in Excel, you could then use a RANDBETWEEN function to do a random selection of a row rather than printing multiple times and having to cut up for manual drawing.

=RANDBETWEEN(1, 500)   would select a random number between 1 and 500, adjust the 1 to 2 if you have headers in row 1 and the 500 to the number of rows after Byundt's VBA has run.