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MS Word Custom SHortcut Key

In MS WORD Office 365 (Desktop0

I want to hightlight text
And then use a hot key? Shortcut key?

To put a yellow background on that text

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Choose Home>Font and select the yellow highlighter:
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Well, Alt-Ctrl-H will apply the current highlight colour—but if you change it to a different colour, the same keyboard shortcut will apply the new colour instead.

If you want a shortcut to apply a specific colour, you could assign one to a short VBA routine like this:
Sub ApplyYellowHighlight()
Selection.Range.HighlightColorIndex = wdYellow
End Sub

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The above will apply the yellow highlight to whatever is selected. Unlike when you use the Highlight button, this method won't alter the current default colour. It also lets you use you several more colour options (see this Microsoft Docs description of the HighlightColorIndex property.)
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ok guys
There is no way to
Highlight text
And use a CTRL+ALT +[whatever]

To apply the yellow background?
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