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Need help changing password for an SQL Server table

I am trying to connect to a linked MS SQL Server table from MS Access.
Previously, the table was already linked and all worked fine.

I deleted the link however, and am now trying to reconnect.
I'm getting this error:

Connection Failed:
SQLState 08004
SQL Server Error: 4060

Server rejected the connection; Access to the selected database is denied
Connection failed:
QLState 28000

SQL Server Error: `8456

<ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server
Login failed for user 'MyUserName'

The sql string includes the user name and the password I believe the database uses.
I suspect the password in the sql string is different that the password I used when I created the original string

Can someone tell me how I can check/ and or update/ the password for this database from inside SQL Server 2017?

The user name does appear in the Security--users section of the SQL instance running.

I have tried adding a new user name and password..in the main security section ... but that combination failed also.
Thank you

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