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100% disk usage system freeze

An issue happening that I cannot seem to correct.
A user of mine brings in his 8Gb Dell Latitude 5500 Windows 10 laptop that freezes some time after logging on to the OS ... I found out that his system has 100% disk usage (most probably) causing the freeze

Steps taken:

* I've installed all updates

* Malwarebytes scan turns up blank
* Dell has replaced the motherboard. (I know ...)
* I've disabled the Sysmain (Prefetch) service

* Ive disabled the Windows update service

* I've reset the virtual memory to manual: 2Gb <> 16Gb

After these steps, I can log on and keep the box alive - but only if I don't do anything on it. As soon as I open the control panel, disk usage goes to 100% and the system becomes unusable. Hard reboot necessary to start again.

Does anyone have additional ideas?
Thanks! Michael.

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