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Power BI report data limited to date range in 2018 for a user

This user has read access to a Power BI report and the underlying dataset. The user can access the report but it does not show any recent data although all the filters are cleared except for date range slicer. The report uses a date range slicer to filter data for all visuals. I realized that when I click the eraser to clear selection for this date slicer, it defaults to 2/5/2018 - 7/17/2018 and data appears. If I manually select any date range after 7/17/2018, no data shows. It almost looks like this user only has access to data from 2018. The web page shows "Data updated 9/10/2021" (today). When I log into Power BI as the administrator and clear selection on date range slicer, it shows 9/1/2016 - 9/9/2021 (up to yesterday). How can I fix this and give the user access to recent data?

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I have tried removing access to the report and dataset and granted access again but that did not fix it.
Other users do not have this issue.
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I'm guessing it has nothing to do with filters, but about an incorrect data source.  Two questions:

Is this date range 2/5/2018 - 7/17/2018 a legitimate end period for previous reporting?  If so, could the BI reporting be pointing to the wrong data source?
When you say others don't have this issue, are we talking about the others pointing to the same data source?
I do not know where that date range came from. All the reports were designed by a former employee and I inherited it. While logged in as an administrator, I confirmed recent data (datasets are refreshed daily from source SQL data via gateway). I then copied the report URL and pasted it into the browser while logged in as the user in question. I also remove access to the report and dataset for the user and granted access again. Still, when I copy the report URL from the administrator session to the user session, this particular user only has the data in the date range I mentioned. Multiple users have read access to this report and although I have not checked with all of them, only one user is complaining of this issue.
Well, I don't know but see what the other users are saying....  I'd be surprised if one user's access to the reporting data is different than the other users.
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Glad you got resolution...