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Ambiguous optional parameters

Can someone help me with the topic of optional parameters in C#. Please look at line 14 below. The value  is being sent to the method SendEmail. So my question is that on line 14  ""

is preceded by fromAddress :  on line 14. So why is it preceded by the variable name? That seems rather unecessary. Look at line 121 I have removed the "fromAddress  :"

in the parameter list and it works just fine.

public bool SendEmail(int Id, bool OverrideFromAddress, string fromAddress = "")
    return true;

11  private void InitializeComponent()
12  {
13   this.button1 = new System.Windows.Forms.Button();

14 SendEmail(5, OverrideFromAddress : true,  fromAddress : "");

121 SendEmail(5, OverrideFromAddress : true,   "");

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You could also write this:
SendEmail(5, true, "");

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Specifying the parameter allows you to control the ordering of your parameters and really nothing more.  There is no benefit to doing this and can confuse other developers who follow you.  As stated above, you can simply call the method with the values in the method's defined parameter order without needing to identify which parameter each value belongs to.

As for optional parameters, if you do not specify a value for any optional parameters then the value specified is used.  With that being stated the following would be valid as well:
SendEmail(5, true);

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Your method will simply assign an empty string to the fromAddress parameter.

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