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Looking for brutally honest iPhone reviews on YouTube and/or blogs Regarding Features, functions, apps, etc.

I'm looking for unbiased reviews of Apple iPhones, 

I'm thinking of upgrading to the iPhone 13 but am looking for some to-the-point, pithy and brutally honest evaluations of the 13.

Features, functions, specs, apps, etc. is what I'm interested in.

Can you wonderful EE members recommend some YouTube channels and blogs I can look into? So many reviews are "gee wiz"  puff pieces.

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David Favor
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Depends on your context.

For example, if privacy is your primary concern, you certainly won't use iPhones, you'll choose something like a Google Pixel, then scrub the device clean + install GrapheneOS.

So first consideration is context...

How you'll be using your device + your level of paranoia + privacy requirements.
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I reworded my question.  I care about features, functions, specs.
Privacy?  There is no privacy anymore. Hasn't been for years. maybe decades.
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