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Can you install a domain on an existing Win 10 PC?

Is it possible to add a Domain to an existing Windows 10 computer.?   

I am doing training and need to install the software on a domain, but I only have my home PC

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Workstations cannot be domain controllers.

You need Windows Server to setup a Windows Domain.  (Linux can emulate a Windows domain, but if you're asking this question, that's far more trouble than it's worth in my opinion).
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Thanks.   I was afraid of that.
You could use a hyper-v to run two VMs one an evaluation of a windows server and another of windows 10 that will derive its license from your system. unless you have two workstations to play with.
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Hello There

Download VirtualBox and instal Windows Server as a virtual machine. Then create another Windows 10 virtual machine. Then play with this setup.
I really appreciate the additional info.
VM's are the best way to test such setups. But you need enough RAM & free HD space to run all the OS's at once (the host, the Server OS, & the Guest Windoze 10 Pro). If you don't run too much else at the same time, 16GB RAM should be OK, & about 200GB free Diskspace may also work.

But if you are using the home version of Windoze 10, you will need to run Windoze 10 Pro in trial mode. In trial Mode some, mainly UI functions, won't work, but it should still be usable.

I'm not 100% sure Windoze 10 Home can use Hyper-V. If yes, use that, as it will perform better than VirtualBox (Hyper-V is a type 1 Hypervisor & runs closer to the hardware, while VirtualBox is a type 2 Hypervisor, & that generally doesn't perform as well). So only use VirtualBox if you can't install Hyper-V.
Thanks I'll be working on it tomorrow
Just wanted to update you I'm still working on it
Thanks to all