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David Schure

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Right side image not resizing...

Problem with the image on the right covering the image on the left as the window resizes.

I'm doing this to resize the left image...

#one {
     background-image: url("resources/images/HomeImage.png");      background-position: center center;    background-repeat: no-repeat;    background-color:#ffffff;   float:left;    width:50%; } #two {    background-image: url("resources/images/HomeImageRight.png");   background-color:#ffffff; }

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David Schure


It’s also not looking correct on mobile device. Left image is being cut off in portrait and landscape views.
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State exactly what you expect to be happening.

Also, while debugging, use a contrasting color... as trying to visually see what's occurring is difficult with same color...

For example, during debugging, make HomeImageRight.png a solid red color or something different than left image background.

Best to make a short video, with audio annotating what you're doing + what you're expecting + what you see different.

All this likely seems clear to you, because you know your target outcome.

For others, difficult to translate/understand your thinking.
Hi, I almost have it working.  Problem is I have a small space on the right.