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Running one VB6 form while a timer on another form is executing

I have a form in a vb6 program that runs a timer every 10 seconds.  I would like to have that work in the background while I work on another module.  If I open another form in non-modal, can I do work on that form without the script from the timer running on the other form interfering?  It seems like that does NOT work with a modal form.

Thank you!

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I have it processing race results as people finish running races.  I would like to do other calculate team scores, etc. while that is happening.  Is that reasonably possible with this environment?
You don't need a form to use a timer. Try searching for timer object VB6
Maybe a small application in VB6 running as a tray application and devoted solely on downloading the results could be a quick and dirty solution.
The app will download/manipulate results and you work with the main application for all the other.