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How to copy a single file to network drive in Windows?

This is using ms windows 10. want to copy a large file to a mapped drive z:. Tried to copy using GUi and copying dropped and have to try from the beginning again as the single post file is 25gb.
Heard that robocopy can show the progress and estimated time to complete. BTW, what is the switches?

thanks in advance
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Michael Pfister
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I faced similar issues in production environments.
What works for me is to split at source end and merge at destination end using 7zip.
In your case, what was the maximum transferred size before it failed?
If it failed say after transferring 2gb, then split the original file to 1gb size,you'll get 25 files, transfer them individually as you normally do and then merge at the destination using 7zip again.

robocopy source target file /w:0 /r:0 /ZB

Nature of file, anti-virus on the server could term/kill the copy.
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Hello There

Well, Windows explorer does show the progress as far as I know. The problem might be somewhere else. Anyway, here is the robocopy syntax you can use:
robocopy.exe "C:\path" "\\file_server\path" /e /b /copyall /MT:64 /tee /log:c:\robocopylog.log /v

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You might have some luck with Unstoppable Copier
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Hi all experts,

I used 7zip to split this 25gb file into 25x1gb files. After that, use robocopy to copy these files one-by-one to the destination. And finally used 7zip to "combined" these 25 pieces into 1 pc.

The robocopy command I used is "robocopy c:\temp z:\kay kay_chong.pst.001 /W:3 /R:5

Thanks for both experts, your suggested commands really worked