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Slow PC

Hii Experts,

Today my Win 10 PC is extremly slow. I am typing this, and it takes ~10s for the words to appear.

Under Task Manager, Chrome is showing as 21 Windows (even though now I just have EE openned), and >500MB of Memory.

I have restarted, and shut down few times, no help. I won't even fix the typos in this post, as its that slow.

Any help will be appreciated,.


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Check whether an UPDATE is pending.
windows Key + I
system and updates
what is your OS build ?

check whether it is downloading.

Check delivery and make sure you do not have your system setup as a repository for updates.(advanced options) delivery optimization

Use to test your network connection, just in the event the internet feed is the issue.
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Update from my phone: even now with Chrome closed I’m at 67% memory out of 8 GB and 100% Disk, drops to 0%
and 100% Disk, drops to 0%                                  
100% disk usage -> disk full?!
No update pending
OS built  19041

how do I check downloading or repository 730 Mbps
No, I have on my disk, 708GB free of 915GB.

Now the pc is working normal, but took over 2 hours.
AV software running scheduled?!
Or any other maintenance task(s)?
Its still little slow

No AV scan running.

How do I check for other maint. tasks? 
You may look whether there are tasks in the Windows Task Scheduler...
Have you already looked into the Task Manager (ordered by memory consumption and/or CPU usage)?!
By memory...

User generated image
By CPU...
User generated image

Check windows key +I system and updates, view installed updates, see if any applied yesterday into today.
Last Updates For:

Feature Updates


Drivers - see below, could this be it. Plus, when I first started working and the slowdown started, both monitors went black for 30s, after 10min of logging in Windows
User generated image

ps- when I was just typing, the above came as "Otherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Otherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Now, I pasted once, but it did it twice???
About a month ago, I replaced my motherboard 
Actually, just now, every time I change folders in Outlook, I see this for 5s

Actually, just now, every time I change folders in Outlook, I see this for 5s

Please note, however, what I described above at the start of the day was TOTAL BLACKOUT on both monitors.

Can video be causing all of these problems? Should I be thinking about reformatting?User generated image
I could not attach the above image neither from my desktop or laptop, but I could with my phone.
Drivers for Intel graphics updated, during that time, the screen would have gone black..

Outlook, exchange! Switching folder, it might be refreshing and would have no info to present.
That looks like a possible graphics or video issue too, whenever I see blank white screens that's an indication sometimes
I would look at in the Hardware Graphics Acceleration setting/feature in Office products Outlook, Excel, under File > Options > Advanced they all have one, test checking disable
Even Chrome has a graphics acceleration feature
See if W10 Display settings also may have an acceleration setting there
Also, update/perform manufacturer updates for your model, not just W10
Check your available RAM also
It looks like you're using Avast too....are you certain that's not scanning in real-time or bogging it down, check if there is an Avast extension in Chrome too.
i would backup and do a fresh install or reset the pc:        RESET  >PC
fresh install : download the Media creation tool  - and make a bootable usb stick; then boot from it
Under Outlook, File > Options > Advanced ... I can't find anything related to graphics. I'm using 365.
File > Options > Advanced > scroll down to Display

That setting will be under Outlook

Also Excel if its not there then check updates for your graphics driver

and Chrome More Settings > Advanced > Accesiblity > Use Hardware accelerations when available

After 2 days of slowness, my PC is back to normal. I did not change anything, and I see no new updates than what I posted above.

What could it be? Should I still reformat to avoid being stranded on the last minute?
that's up to you
a fresh install will cost you a couple of hours - but then you're sure you have a good OS.
on the other hand, if your pc was hacked and used by someone - i don't know if a fresh install helps
Does the Reset my PC option, erase all software and just keep my files no matter where they are?

The thing is, I have files not only in OneDrive, but also in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot, few types of DB Engines, etc.

I'm leaning more towards a clean install, but it would take  2-3 days, to backup then re-install.
... And, I still have not setup my backups.
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you can manually copy your files to a second drive - internal or external; always a good idea, BEFORE running softwares
here more info on reset my PC- keep my files :  Reset your Windows 10 system with the Keep My Files option - TechRepublic