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Read only copy of Active Directory

Hi Experts,

I need to pull a copy of all active directory users. I have read access with no DC access or tools. I was using get-aduser commands from powershell but was thinking I need to add the  -server and -credentials parameters to retrieve the data and I not sure of the syntax etc.

Thank you

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The AD cmdlets will choose a DC automatically and use your logged on credentials.  No need to specify the -Server or -Credential parameters unless you need to use something different.
As a quick test, just run
Get-ADUser -Filter *

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which should return a default set of properties for all users.  You can specify just one account as well for a test.
Get-ADUser yourusername

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You can see the syntax and examples for Get-ADUser by looking the help (either downloaded or online).
What data are you looking to extract?
Username, sids, group membership, hashed password.

What is the end goal you want to get to?
arnold's question is a good one.  In my mind, a "read-only copy of AD (or just its users)" is much different than exporting select data for user accounts (however you might define those).  Exporting the data also has to account for what the end format is going to be, as many attributes in AD don't easily go into something like a .CSV.
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Hi guys,
I need username, user email address, location and status, disabled or active.
Get-aduser will be a way to extract some
From additional location.
There are references on pulling additional data...
Specify which AD attributes you want with the -Properties parameter of Get-ADUser.  Put in the ldapDisplayName of each attribute.
Using Poweshell from my laptop I receive Get-ADUser is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet.
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Thanks guys