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Unity game engine - Must my GameObjects exist on the scene for them to be found in code?


In my Unity Game project, I've put all the GameObject / sprites my code needs to access on the right third of the scene, off the game window, ( a vertical iPhone/device intended game, for now) cause it seems to be the only way for the interpreter to find them. Is this okay? They are letter tiles. I have 26 alphabet letter tiles and 26 selected letter tile images littered around, unseeable in-game. My code will need to acquire them in my start()  at least for this question,  26 letter tiles,  something like this:

for (int t2 = 0; t2 < 26; t2++)
               LetterTiles[t2] = null;
               LetterTiles[t2] = GameObject.Find("letter" + t2);

                if (LetterTiles[t2] == null) break;
                if (LetterTiles[t2] != null) print("------Tile letter" + t2 + " FOUND!!!!");

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I'm not truly concerned, coz it works, but is this a good or bad way to do it?


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I've read some documentation but I'm no expert in that field. So this is only my thoughts until someone more in the know answers.

I guess you could use Resources.Load when you need your sprites, or load them at start and store them in a Dictionary instead of in the scene.
I think you can use Instantiate to put the object in the scene when you it.
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So my loading code, now:
GameObject letterBoard1 = GameObject.Find("letterBoard1");

would be indistinguishable to:
GameObject letterBoard1 = Resources.Load("some/directory/letterBoard1.gif");
or similar?
I'm not sure, because objects need to have colliders or components attached to them, so is loading a resource like that only the beginning?
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