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PHP file not loading

This statement is not returning results to my index.php page.  In fact the page will not even open.    order.php

namespace Phppot;
use Phppot\DataSource; class Order {     private $ds;     function __construct()     {         require_once __DIR__ . '../lib/DataSource.php';         $this->ds = new DataSource();     }     function getAllOrders()     {         $query = "SELECT * FROM tbl_session";         $result = $this->ds->select($query);         return $result;     }     function getPdfGenerateValues($id)     {         //$query = "SELECT * FROM tbl_session WHERE therapist_id='" . $id . "'";       $query = "SELECT * FROM tbl_session WHERE therapist_id=1";         $result = $this->ds->select($query);         return $result;     }     function getOrderItems($session_id)     {         $sql = "SELECT    tbl_session.session_id,     tbl_session.session_date,     tbl_session.session_type,     tbl_session.session_status,     tbl_therapist.therapist_name,     tbl_therapist.therapist_street,     tbl_therapist.therapist_city,     tbl_therapist.therapist_state,     tbl_therapist.therapist_zip_code,     tbl_therapist.therapist_indy_fee,     tbl_therapist.therapist_couple_fee,     tbl_therapist.therapist_group_fee,     tbl_client.client_name FROM    tbl_session    INNER JOIN    tbl_therapist    ON        tbl_session.therapist_id = tbl_therapist.therapist_id    INNER JOIN    tbl_client    ON        tbl_session.client_id = tbl_client.client_id WHERE    tbl_session.session_status = Completed";     } }

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The link


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Scott Fell

8/22/2022 - Mon
David Favor

Simple solution.

1) Uncomment error_reporting(-1);

2) Visit page.

3) Refer to either your Apache error.log file or PHP error.log file which will show you the exact file name + line number raising the Fatal, which produces the 500 Internal error.
David Schure

I added this line to both the Order.php and the index.php page
ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);

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Notice: Undefined variable: orderResult in /home/audiodigz/public_html/INVOICE/index.php on line 29

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/audiodigz/public_html/INVOICE/index.php on line 29 

This is where the trouble begins...
<?php foreach ($orderResult as $k => $v) { ?>
                    <td><?php echo $orderResult[$k]["session_id"];?></td>
                    <td class="text-right"><?php echo $orderResult[$k]["session_date"];?></td>
                    <td class="text-right"><?php echo $orderResult[$k]["client_name"];?></td>
                    <td class="text-right"><a target="_blank"
                        title="Generate Invoice"
                        href="invoice.php?id=<?php echo $orderResult[$k]["session_id"];?>"><?php echo $orderResult[$k]["session_id"];?></a></td>
         <?php }?>

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This line for starters...
$orderResult = $orderModel->getAllOrders();

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Scott Fell

David, something is missing from what you are providing. See the example and compare to what you are actually doing.


class Order

   function getAllOrders()
      return "this is all the orders";


$orderModel = new Order;

$orderResult = $orderModel->getAllOrders();

echo $orderResult;

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From what you provided, I don't understand how you are getting to $orderModel?

$orderResult = $orderModel->getAllOrders();

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Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Scott Fell

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