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Can you give me suggestions about backup software for a LAN.

I am in need of a backup program that will backup data from local network shares to a local portable drive. I need suggestions of software I can look at, test if possible, to find working software.

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What is on your LAN?

Inidviidual workstations or centrally managed AD, LDAP, etc.


most system have an internal backup much depends on your familiarity of the available options and how you are envisioning accessing them

Backup a snapshot in time of all data in a single compressed file.
Backup an actual copy of the structure of the data in the source copied to the destination?

Do you need versions of files backed up, in the event you realize some time later that ..

Have a look at idrive backup.
It has a free versio to try with a 5GB to the clound, with virsioning support.
It can be use to backup to a Local NAS as well. on a schedule no versioning limited by the space of your NAS.
If it's Windows, you can use robocopy.  If it's Unix or Mac, you can use rsync.

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I suggest "Veeam Agent".
I can second Robocopy and/or rsync for file level backup needs. I use both extensively with no issues

Alternately if you're looking for something with more features I have no problems with recommending BackupAssist -
The old school, cheap + rock solid approach, is to use variations of rsync + tar + zstd.

Since local/portable drives are generally very slow, you might also try one of the symlink backup systems.

These all work independent of OS type - Linux/OSX/Windows - where only requirement is to install or build from source required tools.

The other approach which is becoming very common is to use Git + LFS (large file storage) backups.

This approach runs backups to some Git server somewhere (like GitLabs or your own private Git server).

The upside of this is you can install git on any Machine/Container/VM + do a git pull + have all your files appear at light speed.

If you ever have to do a mass restore off a slow, external drive, you'll likely start considering other options.

If you only ever restore single files, external drives are fine.

If you have to restore multiple TB of data... this will be a long... grueling process, depending on speed of your external drive + speed up USB ports of hardware where restore is running.
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What is on your LAN?

Inidviidual workstations


There is one Workstation that backs up the data from the others to portable drives. The Workstation was recently replaced and we need a different option. We are backing up each users data. I can accomplish this using the built in backup from each workstation but I would rather have one solution that does it all. The backup was performed daily so we had a daily 'snapshot' of the data so to speak.

We've got customers doing pretty much the same

Backing up user Document folders / Email profiles, favorites etc using Robocopy to NAS with the share being activated for the backup and deactivated immediately after completion

at around 2AM backups are sent to offsite servers via rsync where the backups are then replicated for redundancy
Wbadmin is a feature available on all Windows systems that San be used to schedule backups from each. To their own allocated operation.

This way each is responsible for their own acknowledged.

Look at rsync, and what ypur Nas backup options ..
Sone Nas include a took,software that might be used to bavkup a system/s
I setup Bobian Backup 11 and am testing it out.
There were a lot of good suggestions but I decided to go with Cobian. Thanks for all of the advice!