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Annoying Windows notification sound

Running Windows 7 32-bit, I recently attached a USB-to-SATA docking station, and installed a drive in that device.   Since then, Windows is continually generating the system sounds which denote connection and disconnection of a device.  However, the device is never truly disconnected, because I have been copying files to that drive for hours, without any error or interruption.  I don't want to turn off the sound on my desktop, or disable the Windows sound notification for connection or disconnection of a device.  I wonder if there is a way to disable notification sounds only for this one device?

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when it gives the sounds - check if it  still has a drive letter; if not use this :  
another tool i know for usb devices is safelyremove :    Safely Remove Hardware better alternative | USB Safely Remove 
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Thank you, Nobus.  There is no issue with the drive letter disappearing, and the external drive remains an active target for file transfer during an extended backup process.
Check the power settings of your OS. It may be trying to save some power & just powers down USB devices momentarily, then powers them back up. That could initiate the notification.

If you can't find a setting there that might help, just open sounds in your audio properties & look if you can disable that specific event (Device Connect, Device Disconnect, Device failed to connect) or similar.
did you check out the safely remove software ?
What kind of brand/model dock do you have? The dock may need to be powered, could be it has an optional power connector? I got one myself that doesn't require power but depending the drive I can connect a power adapter to the dock. Usually I just connect the adapter before using the device.
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No problem at all, good to hear you solved the issue. Thanks for the feedback.