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Microsoft 365 will not let me sign in.

All of a sudden several computers with office 365 on them are asking for the password in outlook.  On the bottom of the outlook screen it says "need password" You cannot enter the password there it does nothing.  Also, when I open excel and word and try to sign in I cannot.  I can enter the username but when I click next to wait for the password it just blinks and then shows sign in again.  So, I did find a fix by using the office scrub program and than reinstalling office.  This worked but not forever.  I did this on one computer and it fixed it on Friday.  This morning I came in and the "need password" message was there again and I have to uninstall office again. I'm thinking it is some version of microsoft 365 that is installing and then messing it up. 

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In addition to the above, you can also take a look at my EE article:

Usually, it is due to a version issue or W10 or Office itself is behind on updates sometimes if it comes back, so double-check all updates are applied.