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Which domain name "internet domain" or "local domain" as Custom domain Names?


Created Primary domain in Azure

We have internet domain "" (Macao Monic)

Corporate local AD domain "" 

For our company, email is

Next Step, we would like to add Add custom domain name and create Azure AD and use Azure AD connect to sync local account to Azure AD.

I am a little confuse whether I should add (Internet) or (Local AD) as Custom domain names ?

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Gordon Tin


According to some inFo, the domain name needs to be internet routable.
That means to me that Add domain must be a internet domain.

My internet domain is  (DNS provided by Macao ISP)
local domain is (DNS is local / internal)

Do you see my problem?

When I approve, I can't relate the domain to local AD domain?????

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No, you sync the other way around.

concordia AD server has user
user abc has password defgh
user abc has EXTRA email field

Now the sync happens from your AD server to Azure. It knows about users, and their extra email field and know how to map it.

Now AFTER a successful sync, the user abc, can login to the cloud services ( etc) with and password defgh
Kimputer. I am a still a little confused.
I understand that the sync direction is from my (local) AD server ---> (Cloud) Azure.

1. But when I first create the Azure AD, the very first things that I need to do is to
Add & Verify the Custom domain name using TXT or MX record using DNS from the internet.
The only domain available in the internet is (NOT with corresponding DNS exist in internet. When I add TXT record, I can only add TXT for

Therefore, I am unable to verify first (as local internal domain, not routable) and sync items AD server to Azure AD.

Whether the AD server to Azure AD will still work If I add and verify custom domain "" (instead of
(Again is a internal and it is not accessible from the internet).
I hope that you see my points.

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