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Display computer stuff on a "Remote" TV.

   I have seen some by Viewsonic. This person wants to display stuff on a "Remote" TV. Powerpoint scrolls, revolving pictures, etc. By remote I mean "on the network somewhere". The ones I have seen have a network port (for the network) and a HDMI port for the TV. The software loads on a computer of their choosing and then displays whatever they want to display on the TV. This is a Business environment and they want one that is "Professional Grade". Any recommendations?

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You combine several things

Sone network connected smart tv can be projected to from a computer
You are not saying which system you have or what you want displayed.

Chromcast, meraki type devices are additional way for remote. Display.
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@Craig Beck is wireless the only way this Clickshare works? My initial thoughts are that it might be too interactive.

@Arnold I did say what I wanted displayed.  Powerpoint scrolls, revolving pictures, etc.  

Something along the line of maybe having a shared network folder and the software would scan that folder and display anything in it on the TV. 
miracast, project.
Computer.accessing a Nas, feeding the tv
Sone smart TVs can access a network share,..

The options are only limited by what and relative distances...
There are a lot of options to do this and depending on your hardware configuration you may need to choose different options.
I would do a search on a vendor such as Amazon for "wireless projector adapter computer to projector" and that should give you several options. 
After talking to them a little further this morning that is what they want to do. They have a Windows Server on the network. They want to be able to create a shared folder so users can put files in it and then have "something" scan this folder continually and display whatever it finds to a TV. Right now the only hardware they have is the network. Any idea what this "something" might be?

The TV's are close enough that they could be connected to HDMI ports on a computer so maybe just software? 
The something can be a laptop, computer that is connected to the TV, accessing the share. Running software that looks for new files and displaysthem, though gallery/shuffle image is one thing, the PowerPoint is a bit more complex without user interaction, have not looked at it in quite sometime, there might be an auto setting that plays through after 10-20 seconds,
What kind of files do they want to display, do they just want something that shows the files in the folder or do they want for example something to open the files (word, pdf, videos). You could probably scan the folder with a script via task manager but knowing what kind of files would determine what software / interface you would need run.
for example if they are videos you would need to be sure they are in a format that the player installed could run. Or if they are PDF files you would need to have a PDF viewer installed.
That said what ever PC is running this (i would recommend against running it directly on the server for example if someone put an infected file in the folder you would not want the server automatically executing the files) Would need to have all the necessary apps and script etc on it as well as it would need to not lock (which may be an audit / security issue for you depending on the environment)
The two things they specifically mentioned to me this morning were videos and pictures but they could want to do more then those two. The simplest/cheapest hardware approach would me a desktop computer with a video card that has two HDMI ports. Then the TVs would be nothing more then multiple monitors.

That would probably do the trick but I have a feeling they might want something more "hands off" and toward the commercial side.....
If you want to just display content, look at Digital Signage options such as OneLAN.