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After setting up Eero mesh network cannot scan to PC

Hi Everyone,

I recently setup an Eero mesh network replacing a single Wifi router at a home with a small office. My client has a Ricoh MP C4504 that  I had previouly had it setup to scan to each PC using the UNC path in the Ricoh address book. This worked without error until I replaced the router with the Eero mesh network.

What I have tried:

>Made sure each computer is set to a Private network

>Rebooting the Eero 

>Rebooting the printer

>Rebooting all the PCs

>Removing the trial security software from the Eero account

*Each computer has a user called 'Scanner' with a unique password that is used in the Ricoh address book to validate the connection when the scan is processed to the shared 'Scan' folder

>I changed the password on each computer and updated it in the Ricoh address book

*I found I can successfully scan if I change the path to Scan folder from the UNC to the IP address of the computer in the Address book of the Ricoh. The problem is all the computers are laptops.

Any suggestions to fix?

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"The problem is all the computers are laptops."

I don't understand why that should be a problem. Laptops work just the same as stationary PC's, they are just lighter & more Mobile, but if networked, also they get an IP Address...
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Since they are laptops, they are used in and out of the office. This means that if I set a static IP on a laptop based on the home office criteria, the user takes the laptop out of the office, connects to a different network, they won't be able to use the network/internet.
You don't have to setup a static IP on the laptop itself. DHCP servers will normally assign the same IP address to the same hardware it did previously, provided you have enough IP's available in your range, & the users come in regularly. There is a Cache for the DHCP Server, & unless the values in that Cache expire, the same IP gets assigned.

Alternatively you can always use the DHCP Server to reserve IP's to the MAC Address of the of the WLan Adapter of the destination Laptop...

On the other hand, provided the Scanner supports this, which is likely, rather than sending to the UNC or IP of the Destination Device, it probably would make more sense to send the scanned Document to the E-Mail Address of the Recipient. Then you'd not have to worry about IP's or other Device specific restraints.
>I have never see a router/gateway assign the same devices the same IP address each time it re-connects to the network 100% of the time. With that, I have used other brands of routers/firewalls/gateways to tell it to assign a device a specific IP address each time it connects to the network. Are you famililar enough with Eero mesh networks to tell me where in the menu this option exists?

>I may have to use the scan to email option if I cannot figure out the above

You will usually only get different IP's if you have too many users logging on who haven't logged on for longer, or when the addresses have been used up & a new user then connects. This new user then gets assigned an IP that has been used before, but hasn't been used for some time. Based on the description of the "Small Office", I doubt you really have that many users.

I don't know the setup of your Eero Mesh, but I'd just look for the "DHCP Server Setup". Most devices are more or less similar there. Besides that, on better devices you can also increase the lease time for the addresses.

But in my opinion, sending to E-Mail by far makes the most sense. It reduces your administrative tasks, as you don't have to setup each laptop's IP separately, or change it again if you have to replace the laptop. E-Mail Addresses follow the user, so he can use any hardware he logs on with & get the scan, & if he leaves the business you can easily have the address rerouted to another user's E-Mail.
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Check if DNS resolution has changed (only valid if DNS server was replaced, i.e. DNS of old router that has since been removed).
Try to figure out how to get it working again. Sometimes when chaging routers, and Windows Server isn't involved, clients may now be queried not by
but suddenly by
or something similar.
If you use that in the UNC, you can go back to using the name instead of IP nr.

My current suspicion is that Eero fully doesn't support it, and the cheapest option is the get a Raspberry Pi to do the DNS work for you, and the whole LAN (for it to work properly though, the Pi also has to be the DHCP server)
At a guess, the ip addresses or domain name changed when the eero device were deployed.

What is providing DHCP for the network?

Rather than having a share on each computer for the scanner to send to, I would suggest having a file server, or scan to email.
ArneLovius - setting up Scan to Email was the solution.
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