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How can I convert a Lazy<List> to a Generic so that I can update the list OnInitializedAsync

I am trying to convert a Lazy List into a Generic List that can be updated when the method is called. Everything I've tried so far tells me that I cannot convert a Generic List to a type delegate. Basically I need to update mySelectedValues list every time the page is initialized. The below code will return values from the DB once, but then I can never update this list even if I navigate away from the page and then return. The Lazy<> seems to keep this list from ever being updated again.

Blazor Page.

IEnumerable<FieldValues> mySelectedValues;

mySelectedValues = MTFields.DataSource.ToList();


        public static List<FieldValues> DataSource { get { return dataSource.Value; } }

        public static readonly Lazy<List<FieldValues>> dataSource = new Lazy<List<FieldValues>>(() =>

            var dataSource = new List<FieldValues>();
            dataSource = GetFieldValues(AppID, Field);

            return dataSource;

* ASP.NET Core* BlazorC#

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