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Adtran 7100 phone system programming help

I'm looking for someone with programming experience with an old phone system.

It's an Adtran 7100 and Adtran ta908e with Netvanta voicemail software.

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David Johnson, CD
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Time to upgrade unfortunately there is no upgrade path for the 7100
Do you have any analog lines still in use or have they transitioned to VOIP?
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I know the system is discontinued. We will be looking at a new systems soon. But one of our fax lines has stop working and I can not figure out why it not ringing through. It's setup like the other 3 lines but it rings on the TA908e but it doesn't ring the fax machine on analog port 1. This is a our main fax and is printed on all documents.

If it rings on the 66block but does not reach the fax suggests your line issue and nothing to do with the device.

Do you have an analog phone? Connect it where the fax machine is, does it get dial tone? Can you dial out, can you dial in?

Double check whether the fax machine auto answer switched off.
The line has dial tone. Can call out but not in. Can't tell what number is dialing out because it always shows our main phone line for caller id. Checking with phone company to see if maybe number may have been forwarded to another number.
When you call the fax number does it ring on the adtran 908e?
Are you feeding the fax line into the 7100 or do you pass it directly to the fax machine?

Have you tried the direct line from 908e to the fax machine feed?
It turns out that AT&T had forward that number to one of other fax numbers. So we could have 1 machine for faxing out and the other machine for receiving.

So problem is fixed. Thank you all..
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Chris Slack

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