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What remedy? Set an IP address for the IP-less DAG? OR set the IDRAC to the LOM? Break the Team?

Exchange 2016 IP-less DAG (IP 2555.255.255.255) on Windows Server 2016 on Dell PowerEdge R630.  DAG replication stops (Bad Copy Count of 1) when DELL IDRAC8 Service Module OS Passthrough is enabled on USB NIC IP address (which is automatically configured)  R630Mail1 ( NIC Teaming) R630mail2 ( NIC Teaming)

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iDrac using USB NIC? Sure it's not a dedicated port on the back panel?  You cannot TEAM this adapter as it doesn't go to the operating system but to the management engine.  Every Server I've owned Lenovo/HPE/SuperMicro have a dedicated port
Dell, has two options, an express Idrac which shares the access with an the first LAN port but can be configured to share with any of the other.

The enterprise version of Idrac uses a dedicated port.

The two are distinct in functionality 169.254.x.x is not a "configured" ip but rather an IP to which a network interface randomly defaults to when it is configured as a DHCP assigned IP, and the DHCP never provides an IP. In the description, the reason is likely that the idrac while being configured for DHCP was also configured to be tagged to a VLAN (other than a default) in which case the DHCP server that might exist in the LAN, would not see this request nor offer it an IP address.

not sure I understand the USB nic question, If not mistaken, the R630, a 1RU server with up to two processors, has 4 nics available for use.
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The Dell PowerEdge R630 is a 1U rack server.  It has 4 NICs (connected to a LAG on a Dell PowerConnect 2824) and an IDRAC also connected as well.  The 4 NICs are teamed to a static IP.  The IDRAC is also configured to a static IP.  When the IDRAC service module is enabled within the IDRAC you have a choice of USB NIC or LOM.  When I enable it, the DAG stops communicating, an additional NIC shows up in "Network Connections"  All this connection is supposed to do is allow you to see the IDRAC settings from within the OS by launching a browser to the IP and port.  Works fine on the other R630 servers.  Not sure why the IP-less DAG gets in the way.
It should be LOM Lights Out Management
with the express version, you have a limit on what you can do in this mode. Possibly power cycle etc.

the enterprise version is much more robust from being able to install the OS remotely to other things....

I do not believe I ever used the USB nic router for Idrac
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