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Logitech camera - picture goes blurry at random.

I have a Logitech HD Pro Webcam c920. However I find that my picture will often go blurry for no apparent reason. Any fixes?

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Does it go "Blurry" when you access it via an Internet connection, or does it also go "Blurry" when you are accessing it directly, not through the Internet?

The internet connection speeds vary, & if it is too slow, the resolution of the streams won't be as good & that can cause "Blurrs" or "Choppy" video streams, also sound dropouts. First make sure you aren't accessing the internet too much for other things while using the Cam for streaming. Otherwise there isn't too much you can do about that, except make sure you have a good internet provider who guarantees constant high speeds, & also the users at the other end have a good connection.

If you also get the "Blurry" effect while everything is local, then look at the camera's manual & best practice for setting it up. Web-Cams are usually built just for one purpose, chats, & ideally this means a portrait type image of you, & maybe some background. The background should normally be relatively stationary, while you can move a little, but not too much or fast. The Camera should be relatively close to your face, so it fills a good part of the display. But all that should be explained in the manual.
To what kind of system is this cam connected? What application are you using and when does it show the blurred picture? I've used the same camera in a #WFH setup and I found it quite sharp and having a crisp detailed picture. I used it with Zoom / Teams etc.
Also check your illumination. It must be uniform and on a constant, higher level for best results.

The C920 does 1080p video.  It also does 720p.  If you're using 1080 then try 720 and see if the problem goes away.

Try another USB port in case your present one isn't working correctly or is overloaded by other peripherals.

you can also test it on another PC, to be sure the problem is with the cam or not
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@Rindi - it goes blurry at random times - sometimes connected to the Internet, sometimes not! @dbrunton - it's connected directly to a USB port.  actually what I have done is followed @David Johnson's advice and turned off Autofocus and so far it has been fine :-) Go Figure. Thanks again.