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Printing Windows 10

I have one user having a problem printing.  We use windows server 2012 as our print server.  All printers and copiers are shared on that server for all people throughout the whole company running around 45 people.  I have one user who can't print.  The weird part is the moment i unplug the computer from the network all jobs print immediately.  Then when i plug it back into the network it wont print again until i unplug again.  I can see jobs in the printer spooler on the computer but they are not matching the printer spooler on the server.  The server spooler is empty despite what the computer says.  I removed all of the printers and added them back with no change.  I removed the printers and the drivers with printer management then added back with no success.  I then removed the computer from the domain and rejoined it and added the printers back afterwards with the same result.  I now removed the drivers again in print management on the machine and it wont let me add any printers back that are on that shared print server.  I was able to set him up using a direct TCP/IP print and its working fine.  All others are working fine as of now but i am worried the problems will start happening elsewhere so i am trying to figure out what is going on.  The computer is running windows 10.

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