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How do I add Captcha to the checkout page in Journal 2?

My ecommerce website uses Opencart ver with Journal 2 theme installed.  I want to add Captcha to the checkout pages.  While Opencart has Captcha enabled, this does not show on the Journal 2 theme pages.

My site:

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David Favor
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Each CAPTCHA system will provide instructions, which you'll just follow... exactly as provided...
I am not familiar with the theme. If the extension is installed, you should be able to place it on the page. I found this from open cart where somebody had a similar question

So make sure you enabled the plugin and configure it correctly.
Note if you use the OnePage checkout the recaptcha was added in Journal v3+
Some of Recaptcha are hidden so you may need to check the code page and in your Google account as it won't be visible on the page.
If you hit the f12 key while on the page to bring up the browser's console, refresh the page and look at the console tab, if you see any errors in red, that would be due to a JS error and even a different JS error could block your Captcha code.

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You should point the exact page where you added recaptcha / catcha so we can check.
I only checked on login / register page and there was none into the code.

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"You should point the exact page where you added recaptcha / catcha  "

I haven't added captcha - that's what I want to know how to do...

Thanks for your input guys but I think I'll close this question now...  once I figure out how to do it...

Always make a full backup file and DB prior modification & updates.
Based on their changelog Journal made a few reCaptcha fixes so I would update at least to v. 2.6.7 
or better if this is possible try to update to v3.

Check this for the one that come with Opencart
1- Extensions > Captchas (is it enabled)  check for Google reCaptcha
2- System -> Settings -> Option / Captcha (set the pages)

Here are the steps when installing a new extension
- Install the extension (if you want to use and extension that is not already installed)
- Enable the extention
- Configure the extension

If this is still not working contact Journal support as this will save you time.

Note many extensions will not work with Journal (this is usually mentionned by the author).
I use Journal once a few years ago and this is one of the best for the look and features but also the worst as it use a lot of custonm code is not compatible with a lot of extension plus it save all CSS in DB which is terrible.
Opencart have no good looking theme so this is why Journal is the most popular theme.

I stop using Opencart because the recent version is too buggy.
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Thanks Scott.  I've spent a lot of time trying to find a solution to this without the need to upgrade Journal.  Reluctantly, I've come to the same conclusion and will upgrade.
I understand. Too many times I have spent too much time trying to avoid a fee by figuring a workaround when the fee was a fraction of the value of my time.
This is what I have recommended in my previous answer ;)