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Position content within links

Hi - I want to append a number after menuitems, e.g.
Inbox (5)
Drafts (2)

but rather than use the above format, I want to use gmail's approach whereby they right align the numbers.  I assume that gmail uses links for the menuitems; in which case, perhaps they place the number within a div (within the link) and then position it to the right.

That may be fine, but I am not sure if you are supposed to insert a div within a link.  Any thoughts as to the best approach?

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thanks, my question was not very clear, I am interested in aligning content within a link.  I assume that I need to place the content that I want to align within a div and then position it to the right; or alternatively, you seem to suggest that I could place it within a span and then float it right (within the link).
Like I said, you need to provide more details and some sample code you are working with, otherwise we are just guessing. Just add a link and it will work the same.

<div class="item">
  <a href="#">  item <span class="subitem">(3)</a></span>

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More than likely you are working with an unordered list for your navigation and not div's like this.  You can apply the same thing I just showed you.

Your next step is to work with the code you have, apply what I have showed you, if it is not working, try and fix it. If you need our help, provide a link to your test site for us to look at or recreate a test case like I did on codepen or jsfiddle.   We will need code to get you going.
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Thanks, I was just interested in the bigger picture.  Using spans worked great