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Help with crashing H&H color lab on Mac

Have a friend with a Mac that keeps crashing running a program called H&H color lab.  We do not service Mac systems, and they knew this when they bought it to start a photography business.  H&H is blaming the Synology NAS where the files are stored for the problem.  Synology has the system logs and waiting for them to respond.  We support Synology and found nothing wrong with the configuration for use with Windows computers.  Again, we have no Mac people and have no idea if something additional is required.  It has been working for several months with no issues until yesterday.  On the Mac no other programs hang (not responding) like H&H color lab.  Being a child hood friend, I want to help in any way I can.  Remember I have almost zero knowledge of Mac OS, and there is no companies with 100 miles that support it.

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Jason Johanknecht

8/22/2022 - Mon

I have no idea of the H&H software, but to figure out whether it is an issue with the NAS or something on the MAC, I'd ask the client to copy the files to the MAC & then use the software.
Also, as it seems a photo software, it might be using a lot of disk space. Possibly the MAC only has limited space left & that could cause it to hang...
Jason Johanknecht

The software doesn't allow multiple locations for file storage.  So local files cannot be used.  Don't ask me why?  It would require configuration change and they don't recommend that.  Will have to double check the local HDD on the Mac for free space.
David Favor

Simple test to determine if Synology NAS is the problem...

Don't use a Synology file, use the local disk.

Or connect a Disk Dock + bare drive to the Mac + run off the bare drive.

Since Synology is just... storage, it's doubtful Synology is the problem...
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
David Favor

Tip: Have your friend open an EE question, providing logs showing the exact crash.

With zero context... comments... will provide little help...

Start by providing...

1) OSX version.

2) ColorLab version.

3) Related logs showing crash.
Jason Johanknecht

Where do I get the logs?  The program just goes to "Not Responding".  She has to force quit it to be able to work in it again.  The rest I know how to acquire.  I will have her get me that information.
Gerwin Jansen

Synology DSM has a few Mac specific settings for SMB and you can setup AFP for Mac:


Although I'm using Mac devices, I have no Synology NAS so I can't test for you.
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David Favor

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Gerwin Jansen

>> Will have to double check the local HDD on the Mac for free space.
For testing, you can also attach a local (external) storage device like a USB 1 TB portable drive.

Note that the info on the H&H site has this on network:
Network: If only storing images on local computer and only using network to upload orders, then any network connection should be acceptable. If working with single orders that contain > 100 images that are stored on a network storage device (file server or NAS), then we recommend 1 gig, wired connections. For best network performance we do not recommend wireless with a standard less than the 802.11ac (this include both computer and wireless router).
It basically says you need a fast network connection, preferably wired.
Jason Johanknecht

She is doing way over 100 images per order, and it is a gigabit connection.
I thought AFP was dead in Mac world?  Mac World recommended people stop using it in 2020.  It was not enabled by default, and I have not turned it on.  
Waiting to hear back on when I can remote into the system again.  Keep the ideas coming.

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Jason Johanknecht

She just called.  H&H remoted in again, and this time found a problem with the software.  Everything is working, and apparently is not the Synology NAS.  I will leave this open a couple days to make sure no problems return, and for people to add to conversation.

I don't know any of the version information, as I did not remote in and she did not know any of that.

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