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Delphi Windows Service 'running' but without action

I am trying to create a very simple Windows service. It runs fine (ie, beeps, logs) in debugging (console), and it installs fine and shows 'running' from Services however nothing is actually happening. Service Stops fine when requested. Same behaviour on alternative machines.

Project file:

PROGRAM ServiceProject;
{$ifdef DEBUG}
{$APPTYPE CONSOLE} {$endif} USES   Vcl.SvcMgr,   ServiceUnit IN 'ServiceUnit.pas', System.SysUtils{TestingService: TService}; {$R *.RES} BEGIN {$IFDEF DEBUG}   TRY     //In debug mode the server acts as a console application.     WriteLn('MyServiceApp DEBUG mode. Press enter to exit.');     //Create the TService descendant manually.     TestingService := TTestingService.Create(NIL);     //Simulate service start.     TestingService.ServiceExecute(TestingService);     //Keep the console box running (ServerContainer1 code runs in the background)     ReadLn;     //On exit, destroy the service object.     FreeAndNil(TestingService);   EXCEPT     ON E: Exception DO       BEGIN         WriteLn(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message);         WriteLn('Press enter to exit.');         ReadLn;       END;   END; {$ELSE}   //Run as a true windows service (release).   IF NOT Application.DelayInitialize OR Application.Installing THEN     Application.Initialize;   Application.CreateForm(TTestingService, TestingService);   Application.Run; {$ENDIF} END.

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UNIT ServiceUnit;
INTERFACE   USES     Winapi.Windows, Winapi.Messages, System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.SvcMgr, Vcl.Dialogs;   TYPE     TTestingService = CLASS(TService)       PRIVATE         {Private declarations}       PUBLIC         FUNCTION GetServiceController: TServiceController; OVERRIDE;         PROCEDURE ServiceExecute(Sender: TService);         {Public declarations}     END;   VAR     TestingService: TTestingService; IMPLEMENTATION {$R *.dfm}   PROCEDURE ServiceController(CtrlCode: DWord); STDCALL;     BEGIN       TestingService.Controller(CtrlCode);     END;   FUNCTION TTestingService.GetServiceController: TServiceController;     BEGIN       Result := ServiceController;     END;   PROCEDURE TTestingService.ServiceExecute(Sender: TService);     CONST       SecBetweenRuns = 5;     VAR       Count: Integer;     BEGIN       LogMessage(datetimetostr(Now()) + ' : ServiceExecute', EVENTLOG_INFORMATION_TYPE, 0, 2);       Count := 0;       WHILE NOT Terminated DO         BEGIN           Inc(Count);           IF Count >= SecBetweenRuns THEN             BEGIN               Count := 0;               beep;               LogMessage(datetimetostr(Now()) + ' : WHILE NOT Terminated DO', EVENTLOG_INFORMATION_TYPE, 0, 2);             END;           Sleep(1000);         END;     END; END.

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The Service /install fine as Administrator, going to Services the service starts and shows 'running'.. but no beeps, no Event Log. Service stops fine when requested.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks

Delphi 10 Seattle 64
Windows 10 Home 64
Windows 2016 Server 64

DelphiWindows OSWindows Server 2016Windows 10Azure

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I don't think >>beep<< will work in service application.
so try to remove it.
Also call:
in your man service loop instead of your Sleep(1000); (then obviously you have to change the way you calculate SecBetweenRuns)

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