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Excel: Nested "If, Then" Statement

Excel is saying that there is an issue with my nested "if, then" statement below.  Would someone please tell me what the issue is?  Thanks!

=IF(LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1)="4", "40", IF(LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1)="3", "30", IF(LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1)="2", "20", IF(LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1)="1", "10"))))))))

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BTW, if you simply want this to be "take the first character, treat it as a number, and multiply by ten", this becomes really simple:

=10*LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1)

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You could also go with something like this:

=CHOOSE(LEFT([@[Shortcut Dimension 2 Code]],1),10,20,30,40)

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Use IFERROR, if desired, to handle the error condition when the leftmost character falls out of the range.

Finally, depending on your Excel version, consider using the new function IFS() instead of embedding your IF statements. In my opinion it's easier to read.