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Getting contained DLLs in an EXE


how can i list with powershell (or other tools) all DLLs and their versions in an existing EXE file under Windows?

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DLL's by their nature are not part of the EXE they are loaded by the EXE on launch.
Either they are included and available where the EXE is, local folder or they are available on the system.

In either case (included as part of the applciation install, or part of the system i.e. visual C++ type of distributable from MS 2015,2013, etc.

Qlemo reference the tool that answers your question directly and completely.

DLLs to an EXE are like tools to a plumber, HVAC, IT ,etc.

 tools on which the EXE relies to do what it does.
Either the tools are brought by the person (in the folder).., or the tools are available on-site.