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Unknown Server software updated window in browser? Cannot identify

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What is this software?  A client sent it to me the other day asking me, but not giving me any details.  The next question was could it lead to their computer getting hacked?  Which followed with their e-mail was just hacked by someone in Vietnam.  They have contacted the e-mail host and changed the password to something very secure.  The host has also checked the account for any forwarding or rules.  None existed.  The host provided the IP address of the hacker, which was not provided to me.  They did say the IP address is in Vietnam only.  Their Norton 360 failed right after this, and had to be reinstalled with Norton R&R.  I have finished scanning (Full) and nothing found.  Used additional scanners and nothing found.  It appears to be something in a browser window.  I can ask her if it appeared while in the e-mail.

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If the prompt is FULLY inside the browser (moving main browser screen, will move this prompt also), then it's just a javascript like prompt. And it's meant to notify you the SERVER SIDE software was updated.
Since you don't have any more details (or even a FULL screenshot would've helped), we can't say for 100% it's a browser message (in which case, nothing happened, because you need to EXECUTE a downloaded program to get infected). If it was really a separate app, then it's a whole different ball game. Anything could have happened to the PC and it might be fully infected with several strains.
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This is the photo the client took.  She probably zoomed in to mask any confidential information.
I believe she clicked on YES.  No additional information was reported to me.  
Since I cannot identify the "Server Software", is why I have posted this.  She was not attempting to update any software.

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Zimbra webmail is what she was in.  They have no Server of any kind.
Thanks for your great detective work!
Someone should notify Zimbra that their overly technical alerts scare people.