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How do we know the VERSION of OneDrive in our computer?


This is Windows 10 and Office 365 environment.
When I installed the OneDrive, there is a message “a newer version of OneDrive is installed”
Question: How do I check that the installed version of OneDrive is the business or commercial version (not a personal version)?



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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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There is a single version for both business and commercial accounts, the functionality exposed is simply a bit different depending on the account type. If you want to check the actual version number and such, right-click on Onedrive's tray icon > Settings > About.
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When I follow your direction above:

Onedrive's tray icon > Settings > About.

I found the followings:
About Microsoft OneDrive
(It is checked) "Get oneDrive Insider preview updates before release
version 2021 (Build 21.196.0921.0007) (64-bit)

OneDrive Device ID
8c ........  copy to clipboard

I am still confused. I still did not know What VERSION of OneDrice has been installed in my computer? Is depends of the VERSION of Windows 10 installed in my computer? Please explain. Thanks!
@tjie. Not sure what else you're looking for. What Vasil showed you works. Your post also shows it. Another way to see that same version is via Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features > Microsoft OneDrive

You have installed the latest version of OneDrive.

The version of OneDrive is not related to the version of Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a built-in OneDrive app (metro app) but if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, the built-in version will be superseded with the OneDrive app from Microsoft 365

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Thanks for all.

I am still confused whether I have a OneDrive for Personal or OneDrive for Business. How to check for it?.
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