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Need a replacement POS 17 inch Touchscreen monitor to replace Tatung Model: TS17R Touchscreen monitor

I have a Tatung Model: TS17R Touchscreen monitor that died. 

Its connected to a POS system for a Liquor Store. In the past, I've found them on eBay but now, no where to be found. There are a few distributers that are out of stock with crazy price tags. Far higher then I paid a year ago.

My Question:

1) I need to know if there are other compatible Touchscreen Monitors that will replace this one. There are many POS Touchscreen monitors on eBay but I don't know if they'll be compatible. 

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David Johnson, CD
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15" Tatung Touch Screen (in stock)
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trying to keep it as a 17 inch. The screens are a small enough as it is for what the end-user needs to view.
I appreciate the link
Do you have any information on the POS system?

POS Software?
Underlying OS?
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After further research, I found out that I can pretty much use any touchscreen monitor that supports VGA. The owner of the business thought they had to stay with the exact same monitor, which was no longer the case.

Kencamp - before I saw your post, I researched and ordered this monitor. It ended up being a perfect replacement and it worked perfectly fine.  
Elo Touch Systems ET1919L-8CWA-1-GY-G 19" Touch Screen Monitor E783686 w/ stand. It was a used monitor in very good condition. Got it for $97
kencamp - the POS software is called "SPITITS". It's designed for liquor stores. Everything is running on Windows 10
Andreas - I'm glad you got it worked out.

Pretty much any touch screen "should" work, but the more obscure and/or old the display is can mean some compatibility issues or difficulty in locating drivers.

Never heard of SPITITS (not that, that means much in of itself)
Nice display BTW..

Elo devices tend to be pretty solid
kencamp - typo, I meant "Spirits".  it's a very popular POS management software for liquor stores.
Yes, the monitor I found on eBay was very good shape and it works well. I plan on purchasing a couple spares. The price was right. Thank you for your help